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Skill Set


I learned JajaScript as my first programming language on CodeCademy. I find JajaScript to be really fun to work with on the front-end and also the back-end, specifically with Node.JS.


HTML and CSS are essential for front-end. How else do you expect to build a website? While we all goddamn hate CSS, it's still the standard and with good reason. Oh and HTML isn't a real language >:(


React is absolutely amazing. It's the one good thing Facebook has brought into this world. If I'm gonna build a website, I'll probably build it with React because plain HTML is painful.


MongoDB is just great. Without document-based databases I'd be stuck with MySQL. MongoDB is just so easy to use (aside from their shitty official GUI for it), and Mongoose, the Node.JS MongoDB ODM, just makes it that much better.


I mean, it's nice. Tables are cool, I just prefer document-based NoSQL databases. Don't get me wrong, RDBMS databases are still useful, and I'm perfectly fine with working with them, it's just not my jam. Still neat though lol.


What kinda developer doesn't use Git? IMO, it's essential for just about any project. Git is great at what it does, since it's a very mature system. Ooh! Almost forgot to plug my GitHub! Check it out :)


My VPS runs Linux. I mean, what else is it gonna run? Mac? Lmao, right. More specifically, it runs Ubuntu. I think I'm pretty good at managing a Linux server. Also, I use Linux Mint as my daily driver on my PC. It makes me hate Windows. That's a good thing.

Bash Scripting

I use Linux, so of course I know how to use bash, but I also find writing bash scripts really interesting. They're so useful! It's literally like giant functions that you can run whenever the hell you want!




Geola is a bot built on the chat application Discord. It's used by community owners to encourage activity from their members, and can also be used to manage communities.

APixel Visuals

My website (yes — this one) is where I showcase my skills, work, and whatever else I decide to put on here.


Kogit is a small CLI application written fully in Bash. Its goal is to get information about a given GitHub repository and display its details in a pleasing manner.